Vigna Villae

What we think

Our videos describe the love we put into what we do.

[quote author=”Plinio il Vecchio” animation_delay=”0″ animate=”” ]Man has to wine to be the only animal to drink without thirst[/quote]


[quote author=”Leonardo de Vinci” animation_delay=”0″ animate=”” ]From us, Homini should be born happier and more joyful than elsewhere, but I believe that much happiness is the homini that are born where the good wines are found …[/quote]


[quote author=”Luigi Veronelli” animation_delay=”0″ animate=”” ]Wine is the song of the earth to heaven.[/quote]

What we want others to hear

    • Listen to wine as a drink that combines and creates love.
    • Experience in our wine the uniqueness of our land, with its millennial vines.
    • Listen to wine as a tool to please life and create emotion for those who taste it.
    • Feeling that in a bottle of wine there are years of sacrifice and love for the earth.

What we want the others to say

    • Say that our wine is territory.
    • To say that our wine was the ideal company for a special evening.
    • Say that our wine is just good.
    • Saying that our wine is not fashion but a wine that holds the time.

What are we

Simple Taurasi winemakers who have gathered the millennial heritage to produce a good wine.

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