Vigna Villae

The cellar

The cellar is the place where the fruit of the vine undergoes all stages of processing to give rise to a noble wine.

In the cellar, temperature, cleanliness of rooms, room design, attention to detail and attention to climate factors play a significant role in producing a qualitatively high product.
Wine in the cellar undergoes many stages of processing. The fundamental characteristics must be respect for the territory and the sensory analysis of the product in order to create something that emotions the person who tastes it.

The equipment

A modern winery for its production activity must use modern, latest-generation equipment coupled with equipment that is part of the history of viticulture. Only in this way can the grapes out of the most noble features of the territory and produce great wines. In fact, it is from the pigiadiraspatrici to the pneumatic presses for the winemaking, the refrigeration systems with tanks at controlled temperature for storage, and to filters and bottling lines for the final stage. The grapes, however, always go for vinification in wooden tin and for storage in large and small wooden barrels, just so the best grapes become a great wine.


The wine to be worked requires long processing. After being pressed it is left to ferment in steel containers or wooden tin. Afterwards, the grinding is carried out by separating the grapes from the wine. The wine is then left to mature for white wines in controlled steel tanks and for red wines in wooden barrels of various sizes. The last stage of storage is in the bottle

The bottaia

In a cellar the most important space is dedicated to the aging of wine. This place is the bottaia.