Our products are the expression of the territory. The territory produces grapes, but we respect all its characteristics, without distorting any aspect. With years of work we produce a product that lives beyond time.

A bottle of Taurasi is a long and intriguing wine. He lives over fifty years. Its scents are on the palate without respite. Its drought is of great thickness and strength and remembers a territory full of natural beauties, rich in mineral and floral aromas.

All of our wines have one common denominator: the grape transformation with natural and traditional methods.

Producing good irpinia wines has required and requires a good producer two great commitments:

First pick the grapes at the right degree of maturation;
The second to work the same with ancient and natural methods that enhance elegance, freshness, but even more perfumes and longevity.

Our mission has very remote and profound origins, such as the bond that our product has with the territory.

We try to create a product that is the image of the territory and to give shine to those who for years believed in the oenological vocation of Taurasi.

The thought that wine is a simple drink is very restrictive. Wine not only enriches a meal and its dishes but also has the ability to unite people and not to divide them.

A good wine promotes interaction between people, making them a ferryman of their thoughts.

The members of our company experience the Vigna Villae adventure in Taurasi, in full harmony. Everyone knows that the business mission is to produce something that first like to oneself and then to the market. All this starts with the belief that what people like to produce is easier to sell and is easier to place on the market.

Vigna Villae in Taurasi knows that first of all a wine that emotions must have something unique and that the first to thrill with its drink must be its producers. To achieve a wine that emotions is the expectation and goal of each producer. The true satisfaction of Vigna Villae in Taurasi is not just selling wine but talking about wine to those who taste it.

The Vigna Villae project in Taurasi was born on land sites in Taurasi, which have always been owned by the Piscopo family. Even though the family did not directly cultivate such land directly, it has always benefited from the wealth of its products and, in particular, the production of Aglianico biotipes of Taurasi. Ernesto’s grandfather, a magistrate, was the first to plant a specialized vineyard next to the family villa. From here the Vigna Villae adventure originated in Taurasi. His grandson Tommaso, despite being engaged in other work, grew up with the same love that his grandfather had for the Taurasi soils and began planting vineyards on all property sites in Taurasi. He has tried to grab the vineyards with the historic clones of the territory and has developed a conservation and tradition in its conduct. The company’s unique goal is to produce a wine that remembers that of our grandparents, who is not fashionable but has the qualities and tradition of the old oenological culture. The vineyards stretch across Taurasi’s districts and red grapes are all the production of the farm, leaving nothing to chance and all to the old and wise peasant culture. O Principe Taurasi DOCG together with Blend O’RRE are the utmost expression of the red wines of Vigna Villae in Taurasi. Wines that do not live in steel but which mature for a long time (48/60 months) in large wood and then continue their aging in bottles in the company battalion located eight meters below the ground level. These wines are put up for sale after nine years of their vintage and represent the right expression of the territory both for structure and for perfumes and for its powerful texture. These wines have a life that without falling into excess can reach up to fifty years from their harvest. Same attention deserve the white wines for which the company does a quest for the best grapes and vinod with methodologies that enhance the freshness and the scents of the territory of Irpinia. Considerable is the Fiano di Avellino grape which, although being white berry, has great structure characteristics, excellent scents, strong texture almost as red grapes. Particular mention is also the Coda di Volpe, a historical grape that has been rediscovered today, which deserves to be considered in its quality as a reference product for Italian enology.



Administrative Officer
He is responsible for managing the company's administration. He deals with relationships with customers and suppliers and with lenders. Great wine enthusiast and also an attentive taster and critic of production.


The continuer of what created by his grandfather Ernesto. The firm strudel is the creator of every wine that the company produces. It follows on in every step of the company: from the management of the vineyard to the production of wines until the sale. Its goal is to give the irpinia wines the right recognitions at national and international level.


Customer Care
Its dedication to providing support to our customers is exceptional and guarantees all the services they deserve for choosing our products. Fundamental support to our sales network and our business and advertising partners. A reference point for any of our social initiatives.

Giuseppe Piscopo

Foreign Manager
Represents the company's fourth generation, and is responsible for exporting the company. He also lives with great care all the production phase, as he has great passion for the vineyard.